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A vast area of wetlands stretches out before you, with damp grass and reeds rising from shallow pools of greenish water. It grows wetter to the west, where the Abazzu river winds, slow and sinuous, towards the ocean. The river is a broad, shallow estuary, and with the sea so close, the marsh pools around you are mixed with saltwater, giving them a powerful, briny scent, which is tinged with the slightest hint of decaying vegetation. There is no birdsong, but unseen insects chirp amongst the grasses and shrubs.

The terrain seems flat for miles around you, with low and rolling hills only barely visible in the distance. However, directly ahead of you is the only high point in view, a tower of brown rock that rises from the marshes. It stands as sentinel above the wilderness around it, and a pair of draks, their wings slightly unfurled, sit at the very peak, watching over the area. There are other draks wheeling high above in the cloudless sky. 

This is Abazzu Castle, although it seems a stretch to call it a castle. Although the tower of rock is filled with the dark maws of caves and caverns, there is no sign of any human habitation. No hands have carved this stone. No fences enclose the lands around it. This place seems wild and untamed, and the draks have a rather shaggy look to them.